Social anxiety: Are attention metrics the future for measurement?

Social media has become a thorn in the side of marketers, with almost half unsure whether their campaigns are even working. According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Report,[1] 92 per cent of marketers said social media was important to their business. But of the 3700 people surveyed, only 45 per cent felt their efforts on Facebook – the most-used platform by marketers – were effective. Meanwhile, a staggering 88 per cent wanted to know how to... continue reading

Social media highlights: What made us click in 2015?

Social media users demonstrated the power of the global tribe in 2015 – whether it was through turning a profile pic rainbow in support of same-sex marriage or joining forces to reunite an individual with a treasured lost camera, toy or piece of jewelry. This had a huge impact on what cut through the noise in two key ways. Firstly, users have become powerful moderators of social platforms. Poor-quality content put up by businesses suffered death... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 1 – 12 January, 2016

Singaporeans expressed excitement over the launch of Netflix in Southeast Asia. Local subscribers can now watch series from the United States and other countries. Most online commenters said they were looking forward to joining, with others considering it a “new addiction” and a possible deterrent against piracy. Some shared difficulties downloading the application; while a few commented that the local Netflix has a relatively... continue reading

Confused about your audience personas? Here's how to work them out

One of the most important factors that influences the success of a PR and marketing campaign is having a clearly defined audience. Your target audience affects your tone of voice, the publications you target for media coverage, your key messaging and even your product or service’s evolution. In simpler terms, it’s integral to any campaign you put together.   Rather than targeting people retroactively, you can take the guesswork out of your... continue reading

SEO in 2016: The things you need to know

Unlike five and more years ago, today the term SEO is frequently used among marketers and business owners alike. Google rankings are a huge factor when it comes to how businesses are discovered by their clients and consumers, and can be critical to the ultimate success of a company’s marketing strategy. However, rankings can be difficult to control, with SEO strategies and tactics not moving as quickly as Google’s frequent algorithm updates.... continue reading

What's next? The state of content marketing in 2016

Content marketing has had a massive year and is set to grow even more in 2016. So what’s next in the digital sector? As content marketing continues to go from strength to strength, getting users to organically flock to your content – or even find your content – is becoming harder. Worried much? Here are a few examples of awesome content marketing trends from 2015 and the assumed high-flyers of 2016. Visual microsites Separate websites (microsites)... continue reading

Top Buzz Indonesia’s Year-end recap

As we come to the close of another year, Isentia has put together a recap this year’s trending issues on social media which captured the interest of Indonesians. (credit: Early in the year, Indonesians talked about the search for the black box and data recorder from the crashed AirAsia QZ8501 airplane. Locals expressed deep condolences to the grieving families, as well as gratitude to the rescue team, whom they said had done a... continue reading

Snap happy: How to use Snapchat for your business

Rather than reaching a mass audience, Snapchat allows you to send messages directly to your group of subscribers. Snapchat messages or ‘stories’ allow you to combine photo, video, text and audio in a unique way to interact directly with fans. Before you start using Snapchat for business, get to know the platform by using a personal account. Snapchat has lots of great features like filters, emoji and music effects, and you should know your way around... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore’s Year-end recap

As we have come to the close of another year and opening of a new one, let’s have a recap of this year’s trending issues on social media which captured the interest of Singaporeans. (credit: The Budget 2015 debate was the most discussed issues earlier this year. Locals also talked about the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal on April. (credit: The entire nation mourned for the death of the Founder and... continue reading

Congratulations to our Singapore office for winning a Marketing Excellence Award!

Their Insights work with the Manhattan Fish Markets (MFM) helped with competitive benchmarking, brand auditing, and analysis to help form their overall communications strategy across traditional and social media. Here’s how our team identified and addressed the challenges facing the MFM, and what insights they uncovered. Challenges: MFM has been in the Singapore and Malaysia market for several years and is looking to innovate and refresh their... continue reading

How will global mobile media affect campaign planning?

The use of mobile among consumers is growing rapidly. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, consumer and advertising expenditure on handset-based mobile media will rise by 12 per cent in 2015 and approach $425 billion by 2021. With so many opportunities to engage audiences via mobile there are some fundamental steps PR firms should take when planning a mobile campaign. Establish goals There are a number of considerations to make when... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 17 – 25, November, 2015

Singaporeans on social media were following international news related to terrorist attacks and conflicts between nations. Most shared news about the shooting down of Russia’s warplane, which allegedly violated Turkey's airspace and ignored 10 warnings. The Tunisia bus bombing and Canada’s response to Syrian refugees  were also a focus.   Credit: The majority of local fans welcomed the Football Association of... continue reading

Isentia Brandtology wins Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research award

Isentia, the most awarded media intelligence company in the world this decade, snatched up another trophy at this year’s Marketing Excellence Awards which recognise the best across Singapore’s marketing communications services industry. On Wednesday, 18 November at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Isentia Brandtology received the Bronze award for Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research during an awards ceremony and gala dinner hosted by... continue reading

Why keeping track of your coverage and proving ROI is more important than ever

In today’s busy world, information is transmitted throughout a variety of online and offline channels. Newspapers, magazines, blogs and social media are just a small selection of outlets by which news spreads at a rapid pace. The importance of comprehensive coverage tracking and proving ROI is more essential now than ever before due to an increase in communications professionals and the tools at their disposal. Here, we outline the reasons why... continue reading

Five things to consider before putting together a social media campaign

When it comes to creating a successful social media campaign, there are some important dos and don'ts to keep in mind. The Call of Duty twitter campaign that took place in Singapore is a prime example of an idea that didn't quite work out the way they expected it to. Faking reports of a terrorist attack was distasteful and quite disturbing. Here are five things to consider before putting together a social media campaign, to ensure it’s successful... continue reading

Insights: 3 reasons why you need qualitative analytics

In many ways, big data is the perfect embodiment of the information age. Across Asia Pacific and around the world, organisations operating within a range of sectors are collecting trillions of ones and zeroes that measure just about every metric imaginable.   What's more, this trend looks set to grow, with 56 per cent of companies planning to increase their big data investment over the next three years, according to research from tech consultancy... continue reading