Top Buzz Singapore, 17 – 25, November, 2015

Singaporeans on social media were following international news related to terrorist attacks and conflicts between nations. Most shared news about the shooting down of Russia’s warplane, which allegedly violated Turkey's airspace and ignored 10 warnings. The Tunisia bus bombing and Canada’s response to Syrian refugees  were also a focus.   Credit: The majority of local fans welcomed the Football Association of... continue reading

How to use Twitter to approach journalists

As traditional media continues to transition to the digital domain, more journalists are using online platforms like Twitter to share their news stories, find sources and provide real-time updates. A report in 2013 showed that nearly 60 per cent of journalists worldwide were using Twitter, and they also make up the largest and most active verified group on the social media platform. It’s an important part of connecting with journalists as... continue reading

Isentia Brandtology wins Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research award

Isentia, the most awarded media intelligence company in the world this decade, snatched up another trophy at this year’s Marketing Excellence Awards which recognise the best across Singapore’s marketing communications services industry. On Wednesday, 18 November at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Isentia Brandtology received the Bronze award for Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research during an awards ceremony and gala dinner hosted by... continue reading

Eight ways you can become a master newsjacker

‘Going viral’ is the Holy Grail for all modern-day marketers, but actually achieving the widespread sharing of your content is much more easily said than done. Enter newsjacking – a technique marketers use to piggyback on a developing trend by publishing related content to capitalise on a rush of interest in the topic. Here are eight way you can become better at newsjacking.   1. Monitor To be an effective newsjacker, you need to monitor the... continue reading

Why keeping track of your coverage and proving ROI is more important than ever

In today’s busy world, information is transmitted throughout a variety of online and offline channels. Newspapers, magazines, blogs and social media are just a small selection of outlets by which news spreads at a rapid pace. The importance of comprehensive coverage tracking and proving ROI is more essential now than ever before due to an increase in communications professionals and the tools at their disposal. Here, we outline the reasons why... continue reading

Five things to consider before putting together a social media campaign

When it comes to creating a successful social media campaign, there are some important dos and don'ts to keep in mind. The Call of Duty twitter campaign that took place in Singapore is a prime example of an idea that didn't quite work out the way they expected it to. Faking reports of a terrorist attack was distasteful and quite disturbing. Here are five things to consider before putting together a social media campaign, to ensure it’s successful... continue reading

Insights: 3 reasons why you need qualitative analytics

In many ways, big data is the perfect embodiment of the information age. Across Asia Pacific and around the world, organisations operating within a range of sectors are collecting trillions of ones and zeroes that measure just about every metric imaginable.   What's more, this trend looks set to grow, with 56 per cent of companies planning to increase their big data investment over the next three years, according to research from tech consultancy... continue reading

3 compelling reasons to benchmark your competition

The age old adage that you shouldn't compare yourself to others rarely rings true in business. After all, while internal improvements are all well and good in their own right, it's the performance of your industry peers that will really dictate your success or failure. Why? Well, simply put, clients don't really care for how an organisation has bettered its inward-facing processes and will always be more interested in where they can obtain a... continue reading

Winning brands of the Singapore F1

In 2014 and 2015 Isentia’s social insights team has listened, tracked and analysed social media surrounding the famous Singapore F1 night race and the brands that drive the most chatter from netizens. This year, the team put together the following infographic highlighting the top brands by coverage, the trending topics of this high visibility event and identifying where these conversations are taking place on line.   continue reading

Top 8 reasons why your social audience isn't growing

While traditional channels such as print, television and radio will always be an important part of any communications strategy, in recent years social has proven itself to be a worthy addition to these long-standing media distribution titans.   In fact, eMarketer estimated that around 25 per cent of all people on the planet used some form of social network in 2013. What's more, this trend only looks set to gain further momentum in years ahead, with... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 14 – 21 October, 2015

Discussions about haze moving from burning forests in Indonesia to Singapore were observed once again online. News that the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) and Singapore Air Force (SAF) helped in fighting the forest fires in Indonesia captured the interest of many locals, with a majority expressing support and gratitude for the SCDF and SAF. Some expressed concern about the safety of the SCDF and SAF, and said they would be praying for them.... continue reading

Facebook announces plans to introduce a 'dislike' button

With close to a billion daily active users, there's no denying that Facebook, when paired with a social media analysis service, is a powerful tool for any communication professional seeking to connect with their target market on a global digital stage.   Just how useful is Facebook's 'like' feature?   A digital thumbs up allows users to show appreciation for content, but it does have some limitations. Part of Facebook's popularity stems from the many... continue reading