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Familiar feeling: Establishing a trustworthy brand voice on social

Trust is a key element in any relationship. For the partnerships that form between customers and brands, it is highly influential. After all, with the amount of information the average consumer is bombarded with, they rely on companies they are confident in. Ultimately, a well-established brand name can be one of the most valuable entities a company possesses. Twenty per cent of Asia-Pacific's consumers make the decision on a new product, service or offering based on whether the brand is familiar to them, according to research collated by Nielsen. With that in mind, what can companies do to... continue reading

Starting Out in Online Marketing

There are plenty of ways to market your brand and services online, but it is important for marketers to understand the differences between the two. A wise man once said “I do not fear those who practiced one thousand moves one time, but I fear those who practiced one move one thousand times” – specialisation, i.e. focused and targeted practice, is more effective for practitioners and ultimately your brand. In this article, we will introduce some of the top techniques in online marketing. Email Marketing: Choose any email marketing provider you feel comfortable with. I personally... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore 14 -21 July, 2015

Viral videos and pictures buzzed social channels in Singapore last week. Many people shared Pluto’s first photo online. Some created memes, while others connected the planet to jokes about the territorial dispute issue, stating “soon China will claim to be the rightful owner of Pluto”. A few locals were confused whether Pluto is a comet or a planet. Clothing brand Uniqlo made noise online as a sex scandal video circulated. The video was allegedly filmed in a store fitting room in Beijing. Some tweeted news related the viral video and photos of the couple.  Credit: The... continue reading

2 problems with marketing automation (and how media monitoring can help)

The world of marketing has developed drastically in recent years, and today the number of digital platforms a company can use to connect with its audience is staggering. While there's clearly a strong potential to build relationships with customers, managing the various modes of communication and connecting clients to relevant content continues to prove challenging.   Automation marketing is forecast to help companies rake in $2 billion in 2020. In recent years, marketing automation has emerged to help marketers address these very concerns, and it's no exaggeration to say it's taken... continue reading

Quality over quantity: Are you unlocking ROI from your social strategy?

The practice of generating 'buzz' around a product, service or offering is now a well trodden path that many companies choose to follow in the digital space. After all, Facebook, Twitter et al collectively cater to billions of consumers. However, are businesses doing enough to ensure return on investment (ROI) in campaigns centred on these now critical channels? Research collated by McKinsey & Company suggested the answer is, perhaps, a no. This is due to the fact that many businesses focus on either encouraging would-be customers to engage with their offerings, or inspire influencers to freely... continue reading

The do's and don'ts of PR measurement

Brands rely on their PR teams to get across the right messages, and ensure that consumers are engaging with them. However, while devising a great campaign is a challenge, all the hard work will equate to nothing without garnering an idea of its impact. That's where PR measurement comes in.  Of course, there's good and bad to the practice. Some companies get it right by accident, many are more wise and ensure that they have the right tools in place to help. Here are a few of the do's and don'ts: Do measure engagement In any facet of business, utilising the most tangible will typically... continue reading

How is Thailand unleashing its inner social butterfly?

Succeeding in Southeast Asia depends not only on making sound business decisions within the unique cultural context of the region, but also on a company's ability to use media tracking to accurately measure the success of these decisions.    Internet penetration in Thailand   While traditional print media plays an integral role in this part of the world, the internet has become increasingly important in recent years. Indeed, the people of Thailand are spending a staggering seven hours online every day, according to the Electronic Transactions Development Agency as reported by the Bangkok post.... continue reading

Some sympathy for Greek no vote in Asia Pacific social media comments

Analysis of a sample from over 430,000 social media comments about the Greek referendum across the Asia-pacific region in the last two days by Isentia, Asia’s leading media intelligence company, has shown that opinion on the no vote in the recent Greek referendum is fairly evenly split, although with slightly more commenters critical of the decision to refuse further austerity packages in exchange for continued loans from the European Union than those supporting the no vote. This indicates generally lower levels of support for the referendum decision on social media in the Asia-Pacific than in... continue reading

3 social media marketing blunders you can't afford to make

From modest startups to multinational conglomerates, social media continues to be an essential part of the business landscape, regardless of location. The numbers are staggering. Facebook ultimately reigns supreme, boasting around 1.44 billion active users as of March 31, 2015, according to its first quarter report. Qzone, a Chinese social network follows some distance behind, with Twitter claiming the bronze medal in third position.   In today's connected world, the importance of social media is becoming increasingly apparent. However, it's not enough to merely be present on these platforms... continue reading

What's the Australian public's perception of social media monitoring?

Social media has become a powerful ally to brands looking to better connect and build relationships with consumers. However, there is a balance between the needs of any campaign to successfully have enough reach, while not being too intrusive. The average consumer is quickly put off by blatant, targeted advertising, so a delicate approach will typically be the best one. Of course, better understanding that line and meeting the needs of any target audience requires an in-depth comprehension of their opinions - that's exactly where social media monitoring can help. Sixty per... continue reading

Are apps now more important than mobile browsers?

Today, mobile is a critical touchpoint for nearly every media consumer. Neilsen found that smartphone penetration is reaching unprecedented levels across Asia Pacific. In Hong Kong and Singapore in particular, nearly nine out of every 10 citizens own a smartphone. Apps versus mobile web Mobile media consumers are typically split into two categories: browsing content on mobile web or engaging with apps. While the latter have grown to prominence massively over the last few years, the mobile optimised web should not be ignored. In Hong Kong and Singapore, nearly nine out of every 10 citizens... continue reading