4 new social media users per second and the power of social: Combining traditional market research and social listening

Most of us have already been exposed to market research or any other social or opinion information gathering technique of any kind. Be it entering a new market, understanding a demographic or launching a new product, one has to understand the ins and outs to support the decision making process. Still, a lot of people picture market research in the traditional form, such as surveys, focus groups and panels. They all have been proven to be... continue reading

Rise of sustainable growth

Sustainable growth is an essential part of any business that wishes to have a long and prosperous existence. In a digital era, and with the constant threats from competitors and regular changes taking place across all fields and marketplaces, sustainable growth has never been more important. It’s necessary to realise that not all growth is created equal, and in order to withstand the test of time your business's expansion must be tenable and... continue reading

Uncovering the social voice of consumers in the hospital and healthcare industry

Social media is a well-known disruptor for marketing and communications professionals, but how is it specifically impacting the hospital and healthcare industry in Singapore? In this whitepaper, Isentia draws insights from the widest market research group in existence to help healthcare professionals effectively navigate the communications landscape in Singapore. Click here to download. continue reading

Has Pokemon Go taken over the world? Well, not really… yet.

Pokemon Go, one of the first popular augmented reality mobile games was released 6 July 2016. Business Insider introduced the game as a future “mega-hit” before the E3 Expo, and they were spot on! Since its release it has been an absolute hit, becoming the fastest app to be downloaded in both the App Store and Google Play. AppInstitute’s real-time statistics indicate that globally, there have been 9,326 downloads in the 2 minutes since I have been on... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 11 - 17 July, 2016

Isentia shares the rundown of the top three trending Facebook posts from 11-17 July 2016. 1. ONE Championship LINK ENGAGEMENT & CONTEXT LIKES: 16,6850 COMMENTS: 59 SHARES: 131 ONE Championship posted a Forbes article link on its Facebook page to announce the investment from Temasek Holdings, describing how it is expected to greatly strengthen its hold on, and expansion in, the Asian MMA marketplace and help them achieve its own billion-dollar... continue reading

3 key trends from the consumer healthcare industry

Today, people are taking an increasingly active role in managing their own health as observed by the 5% value growth increase in consumer health products in 2015. Consumers are also more educated and technology-savvy, leveraging on the internet and social media channels to research prior to purchasing. This coupled with wide product offerings, island-wide availability and frequent promotions, have rendered the landscape a more competitive one for... continue reading

Australia to become a financial tech innovator?

The future of Australia’s financial services industry may rely on innovative startups that can challenge the status quo, rather than the solid and traditional banking sector. And that, in turn, could see a shift in both the career path, and the kind of jobs being created, for marketing and communications professionals working in the financial services space.  Government pushes for dynamism Writing in the Australian Financial Review ahead of... continue reading

How social listening can enhance your SEO strategy

The current state of SEO Since the release of Google’s Hummingbird in 2013– an algorithm which provides query results based on semantic search, it has significantly changed the playing field of SEO strategies. Instead of keywords alone, SEO experts need to instead focus on producing the most relevant and quality content as Google search now places more emphasises on user intent and contextual relevance over individual search terms. How can social... continue reading

Facebook topic data - the key to unlocking true marketing success

People talk a lot about the evolution of marketing over the past decade or so, citing the increased role data plays in allowing marketers to make smart and informed decisions about their audience, their content and how they use the former to engage the latter. Only a fool would argue how important data is to modern marketing, and a huge amount of this data comes from social networks. However, getting meaningful insights from this social data has... continue reading

Consumer says no: The rise of the ad blocker

In an on-demand world pampered by the immediacy Netflix, Uber and social media, consumers have become increasingly selective about what they consume. According to a report by Adobe and PageFair, we’re switching off in droves from unsolicited ads.  The report shows that the use of ad blocking tools has skyrocketed; up from 30 million people in 2011 to 200 million by 2015 – and growing fast. As marketers, this begs the... continue reading

Five reasons why you should work with a social media influencer

By the age of 11, rapper MattyB was already pulling in a six-figure salary from YouTube alone and had millions of followers. He’s part of a new breed of social media influencers who have turned traditional notions of fame and brand ambassadorship into something very different. This new but rapidly evolving landscape is leaving many businesses scratching their heads and wondering whether they should fork out for a ‘real’ celebrity or... continue reading

What does Android Auto mean for the future?

In May, Google announced an array of exciting new updates to Android Auto: “an in-car software platform that brings the functionality and feel of a smartphone to the vehicle’s central screen.” The Android operating system, originally designed for phones, is set to eventually take over the entire functionality of future cars, including “the heating and cooling, navigation, and music – even the speedometer, fuel gauge, and other parts of... continue reading

Singapore: Top 3 trending Facebook posts 13 - 19 June, 2016

Isentia shares with you the rundown of what were the top 3 trending Facebook posts last week from 13th June to 19th June, 2016. 1. ONE Championship Facebook Page [link]   ENGAGEMENT & CONTEXT LIKES: 156,634 COMMENTS: 39 SHARES: 29 The mixed martial arts organisation announced on its Facebook page that the business has crossed the US$1 billion valuation mark in 12-18 months. The post links to a Forbes article which details the success of ONE... continue reading

Isentia hosts visiting MCI entourage in Australia

An entourage from the Ministry of Communications (MCI) – headed by Janadas Devan (Chief of Government Communications), visited the Information Officers Senior Programme held in Australia’s capital, Canberra near the end of May. Isentia took the opportunity to conduct a forum in partnership with the Civil Service College of Singapore (CSC) as well as the Australia New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). The session saw us sharing our vast... continue reading

Tips to Weibo success

With over 600 million registered users and 100 million daily users, Weibo is one of China’s most popular social networks – and one that is essential for brands looking to reach Chinese consumers. However, to engage users and ultimately achieve Weibo success, it’s essential to understand both the Chinese social media landscape and how Chinese users utilise social media. What is Weibo? Weibo is a microblogging network often referred to as the... continue reading

Luxury & Fashion industry: 4 Real Questions for 2016

The outlook for the luxury goods industry remains optimistic, with sales set to reach US$375 billion by 2020. However, the age of the digital revolution has rapidly changed and forced marketers to rethink of how luxury and fashion marketing has been conducted traditionally. Isentia shares how the state of outlook for the luxury industry in 2016 and how else brands can up their digital game to adapt and remain relevant and desirable in the eyes... continue reading