Everyone’s using Pokémon Go for marketing! But should you?

Augmented reality and geographically-based games are sure to increase in variety and audiences in years to come, as technology and users advance and adapt. Pokémon Go is the most recent online gaming phenomenon, attracting just under 21 million daily active users in the United States, and being used for an average of 43 minutes per day – higher than Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger. Naturally, brands have been quick to... continue reading

Five tips to make your content more readable

Quality written content for a digital space involves grabbing a reader’s attention immediately and ensuring there is no let-up in concise, engaging points that are both thought-provoking and accessible. Here we explore five ways to make your pages more readable. It is a generally accepted truth that most content on the internet is not read, but scanned. A famous and still relevant 1997 survey by Jakob Nielsen found that 79 per cent of... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 8 – 14 August, 2016

Isentia shares the top 3 trending Facebook posts from 8-14 Aug 2016 1. Lee Hsien Loong Facebook Page LINK ENGAGEMENT & CONTEXT LIKES: 64,229 COMMENTS: 1,969 SHARES: 4,242 PM Lee posted congratulations to Joseph Schooling on his Facebook page with regards to his Olympic win. Many netizens also posted their compliments on Schooling’s Facebook page Specifically, for winning Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal 2. The Straits Times Facebook... continue reading

Needs Navigator: Uncovering opportunities in personal care with social analytics

Brands in the Household and Personal Care sector of the FMCG industry are some the world's best loved. From Gillette and Pampers, to Colgate and Kleenex, millions of people rely on products from these brands every day and discussions about them are taking place 24/7 on social and online. In this whitepaper, Isentia showcases how brands can harness the Needs Navigator, our new research framework, to uncover missing opportunities in this... continue reading

How to deal with poor reviews and ratings on Facebook

Many companies already have a strong online presence, including small companies. As the digital world continues to evolve, organisations not making use of social media – perhaps for fear of negative reviews - are at risk of being left behind. With 1.65 billion monthly active users, each spending an average of 46 minutes a day on the platform, Facebook business pages are an important part of marketing and communications professionals’... continue reading

How cognitive computing can improve your brand’s reputation

Businesses today are only in the early stages of realising the cognitive computing potential for marketing and branding purposes. The implications for increased accuracy, efficiency and ultimately customer satisfaction ensure that 'self-learning' data technology will be a true game-changer across the branding spectrum. Having promised so much for decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has in many ways only begun to show its worth in recent times. In... continue reading

How can beauty brands sharpen their digital edge in 2016?

Constant technological advances and the rise of digital influencers have rapidly transformed the consumer journey for the beauty industry. In our free whitepaper, Isentia showcases how the market dynamic is evolving faster than ever and what brands need to do to stay ahead of the digital game in 2016. Download to find out more. continue reading

If a meme is created and nobody shares it, is it still a meme? Internet memes and their growing influence on social media

Internet memes are a part of most people’s social media experiences, and just like a virus, they spread swiftly from one person to another online. Memes may still baffle some marketers, but with millions of social media users continuing to embrace the form, there are untapped audiences waiting for businesses to step up and create engaging, relevant content. It can be problematic to define a meme, as the term can be used to describe a range of... continue reading

Isentia wins CMO Asia Award for Best use of Social Media Analytics

Isentia is proud to announce it has won the award for Best Use of Social Media Analytics at the recent CMO Asia Awards presentation at Pan Pacific Marina Square in Singapore for our work with DBS Bank. The project commissioned by the bank, involved the use of a comprehensive range of social metrics and robust methodology to extract actionable market insights while demonstrating the ROI of their campaign initiatives. David Liu, Chief Executive... continue reading

The rise of the data-driven CMO

Traditionally, the chief marketing officer (CMO) was responsible for all marketing-related activities in a company. Sometimes managing a team, or if it’s a smaller company doing it all themselves, he or she had two broad responsibilities: to understand and communicate the needs of the company’s target audience to product teams, the CEO and the rest of the board; and to ensure that the company’s target audience is aware of and wants to buy the... continue reading

A peak into a Singaporean’s mind: How, where, why, what of outbound traveling

Last week, I was approached by a Singapore-based client from tourism industry, who wants to attract more local public to their attraction. It is indeed an interesting problem, and very exciting for me to work on, especially seeing the large amounts of Singaporeans traveling abroad to enjoy their hard earned holidays.  This is in fact also how I started my research. The other way around. I did this for one simple reason - to understand... continue reading

What you need to know about the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail Project

The High-speed Rail Project; 26th July 2016 Last week on 19th July, both governments signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on key points of the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) project, paving the way for further progress. Discussions about how this project focused on how Singapore and Malaysia’s economies may be affected. However based on our finding, the majority of social media chatter was covering other topics, which will be presented... continue reading