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For communication professionals – whether in a company, agency or freelancing – time is of the essence. They’re pressed for it, trying to get ahead of it, and always running out of it. But with an unrelenting news cycle to contend with it has become a business imperative to always be connected to the media, no matter what day or time, and be swift with a response. This is where we come in. For more than a decade Isentia’s media intelligence... continue reading

How can talent & entertainment agencies leverage on social listening for their celebrities or influencers?

Social presence is integral to how a celebrity or influencer keeps him or herself visible in the public space and marketable for sponsorships and endorsements. While the industry is hugely reliant on these personalities themselves to develop or maintain their acquired stardom, charisma and portfolio, the companies managing them too have a vital part to play in ensuring that they get to command the premium they deserve. Being able to quantify... continue reading

Utilising social media for an effective marketing plan

By now, you would have known that a social media strategy is a crucial element of a marketing plan in 2017 with the high usage frequency from users, leading to greater access of information that drive marketing objectives. The average user spends 50 minutes per day on Facebook, according to the company. But how can marketers get the best use out of these social media platforms to support your marketing plan? If this is your first foray into... continue reading

Sharing is a social behaviour

Over the years as Singapore expanded it’s economic influence and growth, there is a noticeable trend of increasing corporate and personal philantrophy. There are many avenues in contributing to the society as digital world evolves quickly, the landscape of sharing-giving are made easier as it is becoming more diversified. But what exactly are the top most cause? In celebration of the giving week and in conjunction with International Volunteer... continue reading

Dissecting the anatomy of a viral post

Remember the dress debacle of 2015, when the Internet was drastically divided on whether or not a dress was black and blue or white and gold (check out our post where we traced the viral path of the dress phenomenon across Southeast Asia)?   The debate was later resolved with an explanation of colour constancy, but in the end, it remained a hot meme and point of dissent for many. Now, it looks like there’s a new optical... continue reading

The negative spin of social media

The rise of social media has been an empowering force for democracy- by giving the masses an avenue of expression, free from the restrictions and regulations of mainstream media. However, it has also shaped and degenerated the face of citizen journalism, sometimes for the worse, igniting a slew of sites of questionable content such as STOMP and All Singapore Stuff and even influencing the way how people interact with one another on public... continue reading

Content marketing elements that are commonly ignored

As the digital world evolves quickly, marketing practitioners have learned to catch up too. One of the most common terms you probably frequently heard these days is the ‘Content Marketing’. It is a marketing technique of creating valuable content and distributing it to a defined audience with the goal of making profitable customer actions. Content marketing examples could be videos, infographics, blogposts, and whitepapers. With so many brands... continue reading

Top 3 Facebook Posts in Singapore, 7-13 November 2016

Isentia shares the top 3 trending Facebook posts from 7-13 November, 2016. 1. Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong Facebook Page LINK ENGAGEMENT & CONTEXT LIKES: 29,272 COMMENTS: 972 SHARES: 4,873 Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, dedicated a post on his Facebook page to congratulate the USA President- Elect Donald Trump. Many netizens responded on social media by providing their own neutral opinions around this Many netizens also shared... continue reading

Size isn’t everything: Social media’s micro-influencers

A tweet by Katy Perry or an Instagram post by Taylor Swift might get their global followers buzzing. But size is no longer everything in the world of social media marketing. Since the advent of social media, brands have looked to influencers and online celebrities with huge followings to promote their products to an audience in a way that traditional advertising struggles to do. However, just as social media influencers have challenged... continue reading

How can finance and insurance brands better satisfy customers in an increasingly digital world?

A. Reposition distribution strategies to expand market opportunities  The traditional advice model — the meeting with the customer face-to-face— while still vital, is also expensive, time consuming and sometimes inefficient. Evidently, the industry is now migrating to the next distribution phase where consumers can not only research products on social media, but also start and complete purchases online. In turn, the distribution of... continue reading

Insights: An Insider's Guide for Enterprise Brands and Agencies

I’ve been completing media analysis for clients across the Asia Pacific region for over ten years. I still think it’s the best job in the world! Recently, I’ve been reflecting on what we do and how we do media analysis and so here are some practical tips for agencies or businesses that are starting out with media measurement as an insider’s guide to insights. 1. Start small Think dipping your toe into the analysis waters, rather than taking... continue reading

Important social insights for the entertainment industry

There’s no business like show business. With its wide and active fan base, and diverse opinions, entertainment companies have the ability to rack up thousands or even millions of social media engagements, turning them into actionable insights and linking to revenue. But how can they do it? Social insights play an important role to most businesses today, but more significantly to the fast-growing and constant-changing entertainment industry.... continue reading

Common mistakes brands make on social media

Social media isn’t new to most of us, and are often used as powerful marketing tools. However, brands are still making simple mistakes in handling their social media assets. Each social channel such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter requires a different approach to maximize their potential. Brands should also keep up to date with the latest features of these commonly used social media platforms. Small mistakes can have a negative... continue reading

From edible nail polish to scented sunscreen: The KFC approach

From finger lickin’ good food to finger lickin’ brilliant marketing campaigns, KFC has proven it has much more to offer to marketers than fried chicken. The international fast-food brand has the knack for performing outside-the-box stunts which garner international media coverage, reaching millions of potential consumers around the world without an enormous advertising budget. In August, the international fast-food chain... continue reading

Five social media metrics you should be tracking

Facebook reactions, Instagram hearts and retweets – if your business is on social media, there is a seemingly endless list of metrics you can use to track the outcomes of your social media marketing efforts. But how do you quantify the real value of a like or the benefit of engagement? If you want to substantiate the value of your business’s social media, here are five metrics you should be tracking. 1. Engagement rates on posts Measuring... continue reading

SEO: In-house, or outsource?

Companies big and small know the significance of improving online visibility and reach, specifically keeping up with trends and the latest online marketing techniques. However, there is always room for improvement when it comes to setting and achieving SEO goals. Many businesses are still unsure when deciding whether to outsource or keep services in-house. It’s a common dilemma, particularly when implementing a search engine optimisation... continue reading

How to secure your Facebook business page

As technology develops, cyber offenders are also keeping up with the latest tricks and workarounds to succeed. The cost of cybercrime continues to grow, with a report from Juniper Research predicting  a $2 trillion bill by 2019. Hacking, stealing personal data, cyberbullying and more are rampant on social channels in particular. While most may think only personal data is at risk, your Facebook business page is also vulnerable to hacking.... continue reading

Four things social listening and data analytics have in common

Social listening provides valuable insights into your customers’ online behaviour. Thanks to recent advances in technology, getting to know your customers' habits and activities is easier than ever. Where once companies relied on information extrapolated from surveys, digital data analysis now enables us to look at vast amounts of information in very close detail. Marketers can access digital reports in real-time that include information relating to... continue reading

CSR may paint a pretty picture – but it gets real results too

Corporate Social Performance (CSP) – aka Corporate Social Responsibility – can often be swept under the rug in favour of more traditional money-making activities. However, zero efforts can be as strong a brand marker as a $1 million investment. So which end of the spectrum would you prefer to be closer to? Here are three reasons why your organisation can benefit from a strong Corporate Social Performance strategy.   “We will... continue reading