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2 great examples of brands actually listening to customers

When your customers post a negative review on social media, are you listening? If a disgruntled consumer were to call in to a talkback radio station to complain about your company, would you know? Are journalists publishing news stories about your brand without your knowledge? Keeping your eyes and ears to the ground is an important consideration to protecting brand reputation. Not only can you effectively manage how the public sees your company, but media monitoring will give you a unique opportunity to align products and services with market expectations. Here are two great examples of companies that leveraged media tracking to boost customer... continue reading

iSentia Mediaportal launches across SE Asia

First to provide media distribution, tracking and analysis in one powerful platform iSentia, Asia-Pacific’s leading media intelligence company, is launching its award-winning media intelligence solution in seven countries across South East Asia in coming weeks.  For the first time ever, communications professionals across the region will be able to distribute media releases using professional media lists, monitor their media coverage, and create reports in real time, all from the same easy to use platform that won the 2014 global CODiE Award in New York for Best Media & Information... continue reading

The seven deadly sins of reputation management

It's no secret that a company's reputation is worth a significant amount. Damage to public image can have serious implications on an organisation's bottom line, so it is crucial to have reputation management strategies in place. If your business has experienced the effects of negative media coverage, and you are struggling to repair your reputation, there are many potential areas where you could be going wrong. To help get you back on the right track, here are the seven reputation management sins that could prove deadly to your business. Pride If a customer posts a negative review or complaint... continue reading

6 top media trends for 2015

Keeping up to date with the latest developments in the media industry is crucial for many businesses.  Monitoring the media for new trends can shed light on how and when consumers are engaging with news stories and discussions regarding your brand, which should help you track how your reputation and business is fairing in the wider market. With this in mind, here are six key trends expected to influence media in 2015: Digital companies embracing print media Print is still among the most effective and trusted media platforms, so it should come as no surprise that even digital organisations are... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore 30 December, 2014 – 6 January, 2015

Singaporeans closely followed updates on the ill-fated AirAsia flight QZ8501 from Surabaya, Indonesia en route to Singapore. According to investigators, the plane plunged into the water off Borneo Island on December 28 due to bad weather conditions. There were no survivors among the 162 people on board. Locals expressed sympathy to the grieving families and shared news about the search and retrieval operation. People weighed in on AirAsia’s reported ‘initial compensation’ for each passenger. Many recognized the company’s efforts to give financial assistance to the victims’ families.... continue reading

Top Issues in South East Asia in 2014

Here’s a wrap-up of what people across South East Asia were talking about online in 2014. Hong Kong The pro-democracy protest was the most discussed political issue by far in Hong Kong. It all started when locals criticized an adopted resolution that candidates for Hong Kong Chief Executive should be nominated by over half members of the committee, how are appointed by the Beijing government. Photos of street protesters were circulated online. Later on, a conflict between the Hong Kong Student Federation and Scholarism activists and Anti-Occupy Central people were observed. Other issues that... continue reading

Connecting to Singaporean audiences

Home to more than 5 million residents, Singapore is one the world's brightest developed nations. This makes it an ideal location for savvy entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in a rewarding and profitable economy. Recent figures from the Ministry of Trade and Industry show that the national economy climbed by 2.4 per cent in third quarter of this year. While this is slower than 2013's growth, the results remain steady and indicate further development is likely. When moving into a new market, it pays to understand the consumers and how they can be expected to interact with your brand. In particular, media tracking and knowing where... continue reading

Tracking brand reputation during the holiday season

As Christmas marches closer, many companies will be preparing for the inevitable slow-down, or even closure, of their businesses. However, PR professionals will likely not get the same period of respite as other departments. Many businesses may assume the holiday slow-down means people are not paying attention to branding and marketing, yet the truth could actually be different. In fact, media tracking could become increasingly important over the coming months, as consumers spend less time at work and more time in front of their computers, mobile phones and television screens. Here are three... continue reading

How much is reputation worth?

When customers first hear your brand's name, what do they think? Business is a money-driven sector, with revenues, profits and cash flow important considerations. Many functions can impact on a company's ability to generate positive revenue, and your reputation is one of the most vital. Reputation a key business concern A recent report from professional services and advisory firm Deloitte investigates how much companies value their reputation. The 2013 edition found damage to a reputation was the No. 1 concern for business executives. This year, Deloitte partnered with Forbes Insight to delve... continue reading

PR Asia 2014 - Finding opportunity above the chatter

The second floor auditorium of Singapore’s Four Season Hotel was ground zero last week for two days of active dialog on all things digital. PR Asia 2014, hosted by Marketing-Interactive, brought together over 70 Public Relations and Communications professionals across the Asia Pacific region to share trends, best practices, challenges and new ideas on how to thrive in the new era of conversation marketing. Cameron Buckley, Chief Executive of Asia for iSentia, presented a timely view of APAC trends and opportunities surrounding media measurement. The presentation highlighted several common... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 26 November – 3 December, 2014

Social channels in Singapore were dominated by posts and updates about the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup last week. Malaysia beat Singapore (3-1) at the National Stadium on Saturday to advance to the semi-finals. Fans of both teams were buzzing on social media. Many locals reacted to negative comments, including “Singaporeans are the worst host”. Locals defended their nation and uplifted their spirits, others said stop bullying online. Some, however, blamed the referee, a few Lions' players and even coach Bernd Stange for the team’s poor performance. Locals also talked about... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 28 October – 4 November 2014

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was a hot topic in Singapore across socials and online communities last week as he revealed publicly that he is gay. His statement sparked varied reactions from locals, with some supporting his decision to come out, while others were disappointed. Jokes relating Apple products to homophobia were also noted. News that a memorial to Apple founder Steve Jobs has been dismantled in the Russian city of St Petersburg after Cook came out was retweeted. Singaporeans continued to follow news and updates on the Ebola outbreak globally. They were actively retweeting news about... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore 29 September – 6 October, 2014

Social media discussion in Singapore included a mix of local and international issues last week. One of these was the ongoing pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong.  Many locals still considered travelling to Hong Kong, while some commented that, based on photos circulated, it’s not safe yet to spend holidays there. Other comments stated that Hong Kong never had a “real democracy” as  the British were in power for almost 150 years. Some commented that don’t expect China to allow a completely open vote, because the next thing they will demand is their independence. Aside from political issues, locals... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore 1 – 8 September 2014

Many locals were following the international news surrounding the terrorist group known as Islamic State in the last week. Singaporeans shared their thoughts within online communities. The majority of commentators condemned the violence in the region. Others voiced their opinion labeling the conflict as “un-Islamic”. News about three young men in Beirut that were punished for burning the ISIS flag captured interest of many locals. Most commentators supported the men, however, they said burning a flag may not be the right action. Singaporeans also talked about the three latest smartphones... continue reading

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