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Are apps now more important than mobile browsers?

Today, mobile is a critical touchpoint for nearly every media consumer. Neilsen found that smartphone penetration is reaching unprecedented levels across Asia Pacific. In Hong Kong and Singapore in particular, nearly nine out of every 10 citizens own a smartphone. Apps versus mobile web Mobile media consumers are typically split into two categories: browsing content on mobile web or engaging with apps. While the latter have grown to prominence massively over the last few years, the mobile optimised web should not be ignored. In Hong Kong and Singapore, nearly nine out of every 10 citizens... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore 18 – 22 June, 2015

Singapore’s online platforms were dominated with discussions surrounding the 28th SEA Games. Most locals approved of Singapore's successful hosting of the event. However, rumours that tickets were over-sold for the closing ceremony drew criticism. Singaporeans lauded Tin Jingyao on social media for his gold medal victory at the 16th Asean+ Age Group Chess Championships and also supported the possible National Service (NS) deferment of swimmer Quah Zheng Wen, after his performance at the recently concluded SEA Games.  Singaporeans also monitored updates about the Middle East Respiratory... continue reading

Five key questions to ask your media monitoring provider

There have always been plenty of options out there for people wanting to track their company’s media coverage and issues of interest, from attempting to watch and read everything yourself to simple search engine results to services that only focus on one medium to full service monitoring that covers all media types and provides personalised client service. Here’s a quick summary of the questions you should be asking to make sure that any monitoring service will really meet your needs. What types of media do you cover, and to what extent? This is the most critical question of all. First you need to... continue reading

How is the rise of 'churnalism' affecting PR?

The modern media landscape is instantaneous by nature. In the past, stories may have taken days, if not weeks, to spread. Now, thanks to the power of social media in particular, media consumers want access to more content, more of the time. In the case of the public relations (PR) department, developing relevant literature and having a thorough press release distribution network in place is, of course, crucial. However, is the time-limited nature of current media being handled appropriately? There are now more PR professionals than journalists in the majority of developed countries. The rise of... continue reading

Is Singapore set to be the centre of Asia-Pacific's Twitter activity?

Singapore has long been regarded as one of the most progressive cities across Asia-Pacific. With strong ties to its western equivalents, it's little wonder that the city-state has become a hub for so many companies looking to extend their reach Nearly three in every four Singaporeans are engaging with one or more social platforms. In terms of social media, Singapore is a relatively open market, with nearly three in every four (74 per cent) of its four million citizens engaging with one or more social platforms regularly, according to statistics collated by hashmeta. Twitter's influence in... continue reading

Unlimited virality: Why awareness is key to brand building on social media

Businesses that have a level of self-awareness will typically resonate with their customers, and the wider public for that matter, in a relatively broad way. After all, it's fine to hide behind a corporate image at times, but it's the human element that really draws people in. Of course, this is far more noticeable on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al have levelled the playing field and broken down barriers between brands and consumers like never before.       Image credit: The importance of social media cannot be underestimated. Research collated by the... continue reading

Social media snapshot, June 2015: Is your brand LinkedIn or Out?

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Isentia named international Communications Research and Measurement Company of the Year

Isentia, the most awarded media evaluation company in the world this decade, has won the highest accolade at this year’s International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) Awards in Stockholm, being named Communications Research and Measurement Company of the Year, as well as adding another two awards to our tally of over 20 since 2010. The awards were presented during the Gala Dinner at the Seventh International Summit on Measurement, the key global conference addressing innovation in communications evaluation. Managing Director John Croll, Head of Insights... continue reading

Social media, CEOs and influence across platforms

Social media has become a juggernaut in its own right. Whether it's the ever spiraling number of daily users that consider Facebook the go-to, or anyone getting involved with a trending topic on Twitter, social platforms are integral in the life of the modern media consumer. The rise of the social company Consequently, more companies than ever are looking to leverage social media in efforts to appeal to more people. In fact, research by Nexgate​, which looked at some of the biggest enterprises in the US, suggested that the average Fortune 100 firm now has a staggering 320 social media accounts in total, covering... continue reading

AMEC releases World Media Intelligence & Insights industry study

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) has released its World Media Intelligence & Insights industry study, a comprehensive overview of firms engaged in the sector on a worldwide basis.  continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore 18 – 25 May, 2015

Most Singaporeans expressed support online towards the LionsXII for the Malaysia FA Cup finals. They gave their best wishes for the team, saying ‘win or lose’ Singaporeans will still be proud of their achievements. Lions fans became more vocal on Sunday after their team won the finals against Kelantan. Many congratulated the team and said it was good timing, as Singapore is celebrating its 50th year of independence as a nation. Teenager Amos Yee, known for his video that denounced the Christian religion and Singapore’s founder, the late Lee Kuan Yew, again sparked controversy after he... continue reading

Does affluence affect media consumption in the Asia-Pacific?

High-powered, corporate individuals will often be under the strictest time pressures. Consequently, the trends of how they consume media can present unique insights. While keeping track of the wealthy may seem relatively fruitless in comparison with the mass market, their status is likely to make them bigger influencers, in part due to the fact that they have more disposable income. Influence and prosperity In the Asia-Pacific, the business centres of Hong Kong and Singapore have risen up to become two of the most influential and prosperous cities anywhere across the globe. In fact, the former has the eighth highest number of... continue reading

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Is Singapore's social media activity in a state of flux?

Over the last 50 or so years, Singapore has grown into one of the most powerful and influential business centres anywhere around the globe. More and more enterprises want to be situated in the city-state, with its economy thriving as a result. Of course, the influx of foreign investment and some of the world's most progressive businesses have meant that the country is riding a wave of technology, with social media playing its part.  The average Singaporean currently spends around 2 hours per day on social media. Government statistics show Singapore's population to be touching 5.5 million, with 4... continue reading

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