Keeping up with SEO trends: Schema markup and unique content

For many years, businesses have acknowledged the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost online visibility, but this tactic has gone through rapid changes just to keep up with search engines’ constant algorithm updates. Some SEO moves from the past may not be suitable for today’s strategy - including link building activities, keyword stuffing and ‘abusing’ the anchor text. These techniques from the past are... continue reading

Why you need inbound marketing

When it comes to marketing, businesses have traditionally focused on broadcasting messages through costly mediums such as television, cold-calling and mass-scale direct mail. Today, inbound marketing is fast becoming integral for marketing strategies both for B2B and B2C businesses. Inbound marketing is a highly effective way to attract prospects relevant to your business, with the added benefit of being budget-friendly. What is inbound... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 1 – 9 September, 2016

Isentia shares with you the rundown of what were the top 3 trending Facebook posts last week from 1 - 9 Sep, 2016. 1. ONE Championship Facebook Page LINK ENGAGEMENT & CONTEXT LIKES: 64,299 COMMENTS: 26 SHARES: 0 The mixed martial arts organisation shared on its Facebook page that Singapore MMA fighter Amir Khan will be fighting in ONE Championship's Defending Honour event at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in November.... continue reading

How PRs and Brands nurture partnership with digital stars

According to a recent report, 43% of female internet respondents in the US said the most credible source for product information are online product reviews/blogs written by people they follow or people who are like them. As PR agencies want to provide exposure and establish brand awareness for their clients in the digital world, working with social media or digital influencers is swiftly becoming a feasible channel for many... continue reading

What blockchain technology could mean for media and communications

Blockchain technology is one of the many great disruptions this year. But what does it do? How does it work? And what application can it have for the marketing and communications industry? This article explores the creation of blockchain technology, and the impact it has on media and communications. A matter of increased security Born as a result of the development of Bitcoin (a form of cryptocurrency), blockchain technology currently makes up... continue reading

The importance of measuring affiliation in the health, wellness & fitness industry

1. MMA : A rising trend to watch out for The explosive growth of mixed martial arts (MMA) in Asia is putting the squeeze on boxing as it attracts millions of young fans and sells out venues across the region, especially in Singapore where it has been commonly regarded as the future epicentre of MMA in Asia. Aside from One Championship, Asia’s largest sports media property and the equivalent to the U.S.-based Ultimate Fighting... continue reading

Messaging mastery on the big four social media platforms

Great content is about tailoring your messaging to your audience. Here we consider how you can make your posts on the big four social media platforms work harder for you. With so many platforms for consumers to engage on today, brands need to consider how messages are presented across multiple channels so as to make the most of each platform’s individual tools. Each platform has its own tone, etiquette and rules of engagement based on... continue reading

How to score a ‘YES’ from online influencers

Working with online influencers (for example bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, etc.) is a common practice nowadays as their large followings are an advantage to companies’ marketing efforts. They can be brand ambassadors, though sometimes distinguishing influencers from advocates can be confusing. According to Jay Baer of Convince and Convert, influencers are the “high-tech version of celebrity endorsements” to support your... continue reading

Practical tips to improve customer service experience online

Customer service plays a vital role in running a successful business. According to a study by  Accenture, 68% of customers say they’ve switched service providers because of poor customer service. With that said, it’s not surprising that businesses big and small are investing in their customer support services. There are plenty of tools that can be integrated into organisational processes to further enhance your customers’ experiences.... continue reading

How are brands getting digitally creative in China?

According to CNBC, China is one of the world’s biggest luxury markets, securing close to ¥135 billion (€18 billion) in sales last year. It's no wonder then that in recent years, some of the world’s largest luxury brands have made a strong push to get cut-through in the Chinese market, and now they’re using digital to do it. From campaigns on Chinese social media behemoth WeChat to partnerships with leading Chinese influencers, here are a few ways that... continue reading

Five tips to make your content more readable

Quality written content for a digital space involves grabbing a reader’s attention immediately and ensuring there is no let-up in concise, engaging points that are both thought-provoking and accessible. Here we explore five ways to make your pages more readable. It is a generally accepted truth that most content on the internet is not read, but scanned. A famous and still relevant 1997 survey by Jakob Nielsen found that 79 per cent of... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 8 – 14 August, 2016

Isentia shares the top 3 trending Facebook posts from 8-14 Aug 2016 1. Lee Hsien Loong Facebook Page LINK ENGAGEMENT & CONTEXT LIKES: 64,229 COMMENTS: 1,969 SHARES: 4,242 PM Lee posted congratulations to Joseph Schooling on his Facebook page with regards to his Olympic win. Many netizens also posted their compliments on Schooling’s Facebook page Specifically, for winning Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal 2. The Straits Times Facebook... continue reading

How to deal with poor reviews and ratings on Facebook

Many companies already have a strong online presence, including small companies. As the digital world continues to evolve, organisations not making use of social media – perhaps for fear of negative reviews - are at risk of being left behind. With 1.65 billion monthly active users, each spending an average of 46 minutes a day on the platform, Facebook business pages are an important part of marketing and communications professionals’... continue reading

How cognitive computing can improve your brand’s reputation

Businesses today are only in the early stages of realising the cognitive computing potential for marketing and branding purposes. The implications for increased accuracy, efficiency and ultimately customer satisfaction ensure that 'self-learning' data technology will be a true game-changer across the branding spectrum. Having promised so much for decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has in many ways only begun to show its worth in recent times. In... continue reading

How can beauty brands sharpen their digital edge in 2016?

Constant technological advances and the rise of digital influencers have rapidly transformed the consumer journey for the beauty industry. In our free whitepaper, Isentia showcases how the market dynamic is evolving faster than ever and what brands need to do to stay ahead of the digital game in 2016. Download to find out more. continue reading