Luxury industry: 4 real questions for 2016

The outlook for the luxury goods industry remains optimistic, with sales set to reach US$375 billion by 2020. However, the age of the digital revolution has rapidly changed and forced marketers to rethink of how luxury marketing has been conducted traditionally. Isentia shares how the state of outlook for the luxury industry in 2016 and how else brands can up their digital game to adapt and remain relevant and desirable in the eyes of their... continue reading

Why negative headlines make us click

When you’re promoting your product or service, you want it to sound like the best option available. Naturally, the first thing you do is whip out your thesaurus and look up all the synonyms for “amazeballs”. And right there you just cost yourself almost a third of your traffic. According to a study by Outbrain, which analysed around 65,000 headlines, those with positive superlatives performed 29 per cent worse, while negative superlatives... continue reading

With digital ad spend set to outstrip TV, is your ad budget working hard enough?

According to a recent report from eMarketer, 2017 will be the year that sees the digital ad spend surpass TV ad spend for the first time ever. The report predicts that TV ad spend will hit $72.01 billion, while digital ad spend will be $77.37 billion, and it’s a shift that has also been forecast by both Magna Global and ZenithOptimedia. An initial reaction to that is -­‐ ‘ad buyers and planners, why on earth did it take so... continue reading

Reactions to the new Instagram logo

The unveiling of the new Instagram logo on Wednesday, May 11 has ignited a wave of online conversations in Singapore as evidenced by the buzz peak on May 12 (869 Buzz).    More than 90% of the chatter took place on Twitter as netizens actively retweeted and shared their personal comments in response to the redesign of the logo.     Here are some of the the predominant conversations as aggregated by Isentia’s proprietary tool,... continue reading

Rise of the Mobile Wallets l Apple Pay

The use of credit and debit cards has always found favour amongst local consumers - who value the convenience and readiness of cashless payments as part of their banking experience. In recent years, mobile wallet apps such as DBS PayLah!, OCBC Pay Anyone and Standard Chartered Dash were introduced as part of the banks’ strategy to tap onto the growing trend of cashless payment . The launch of Apple Pay in Singapore on April 19 and impending... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 27 April– 3 May, 2016

Isentia has put together the top three trending Facebook posts from 27 April to 3 May. Samantha Bek’s post on SMRT Facebook Page’s timeline LINK   Engagement & Context Likes: 42, 847 Comments: 437 Shares: 7,235 Samantha Bek uploaded a post to SMRT’s Facebook timeline, detailing her experience of how an SMRT team member, “Uncle Zainodin”, always made her son’s morning with his friendly and warm attitude. In her post,... continue reading

3 tips to bypass the clutter

Clutter is a confusing or disorderly state or collection and a possible symptom of compulsive hoarding, well that is according to Wikipedia. Personally I prefer the term collector, it really sounds so much nicer. For a communications professional the phenomenal growth of digital touch points has increased the complexities around crafting client communication. And if you rely on email to reach your audience the introduction of ‘Clutter’ for Office... continue reading

The power of podcasting

Podcasting is a great way to reach a niche audience, but do you want to be a sponsor, guest or host? Our tips will help you decide which is best depending on your needs. In this on-demand economy, it’s important your message is available where and when your audience wants to access it. This is where podcasts can be an excellent addition to your marketing toolbox. A quick scan of the iTunes charts will reveal the huge amount of diversity... continue reading

Webinar: Social Media Crisis Management

Social media crisis management is about damage control. We’ve all seen the examples, heard of the backlash, and are often concerned about what we would do in a social media crisis. In this month’s webinar, we’ll look at how to prepare and avoid a crisis, as well as best practices should one eventuate. continue reading

Fighting fire with PR: Five ways to hose down a social media backlash

Social media has given brands a satisfyingly instant connection with their customers. It takes them outside the professional relationship and into a more relaxed and personal space that allows for a whole new level of engagement. Which is great when things are going well, but what’s a company to do when it all goes horribly wrong? In the past, disgruntled customers had few options for making their voices heard beyond a mere complaint to the... continue reading

The Importance of Brand Experience

It’s a common adage among seasoned marketers, that it will take a lot more than a good product to ensure customer loyalty—and even more to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. From a functional perspective, the differentiating factor between brands have grown increasingly thin due to technological fluidity and adoption of innovation processes. Hence, one of the key ways for brands to differentiate itself from the masses is to leverage on... continue reading

The next evolution of social insights for Isentia

Traditionally, social data has always had limitations, specifically, allowing a brand to properly define the demographics and profiles of consumers who are talking and interacting with their brand. This often paints an incomplete view and fragmented understanding of the online target audience, an issue further exacerbated by private profiles and conversations on major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, this was a limitation that... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore, 23 February – 1 March, 2016

Social channels and other online platforms in Singapore were dominated by discussions about Benjamin Lim’s death, after the student’s body was found at the foot of his Housing Board block in Yishun on 26 January following his release from Ang Mo Kio Police Division, where he was questioned regarding an alleged molestation case. Minister Shanmugam's statement, specifically that nothing so far suggests the police are responsible, drew mostly... continue reading